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The Mobile Slaugther House avoids painful transportations of cattle because with this new system the slaughter house is brought to the cattle. 
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Inventor and Owner of Patent:
Herbert Schwaiger
Short Biography and Synopsis on the Development of the Mobile Slaughter House
Technical Description of the Mobile Slaughter House
Advantages of the Mobile Slaughter House
Stress-Free Slaughtering
Biophotonic Measuring as a Possible New Method for Checking the Quality of the Meat Nutrition Has to Provide the Body with Order
Factors of Success

Mobile Slaughtering Systems
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Cellular telephone: 0043- 676/303 3499 or 341 4736
email:  office@mobile-schlachtsysteme.at

For any furhter information or comments on the Mobile Slaughter House please send an email to  office@mobile-schlachtsysteme.at

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