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Technical Description of the Mobile Slaughter House:

The vehicle consists of a specially manufactured refrigerated truck, which contains a slaughter box and killing box that opens at the rear. The box is equipped with telescopic solid sidewalls, which turn it into a closed room. The required tools and slaughter equipment is built into the inside of the roof and the floor respectively.
Below the refrigerating chamber are the drawers for the skin and the waste. They are accessible from the outside. The water (it has to be checked), which is required for cleaning during and after slaughtering is transported in a 1500 l tank located between the drawers. It suffices for the daily requirement.  

The accumulated blood and washing water (free of chemicals) is pumped into a tank located at the side of the vehicle and is disposed of in the liquid manure deposit in an environmentally friendly way. The content of the rumen remains on the farm; this results in 40 percent less transport weight compared to the transport of live animals. It also effects positively the fuel consumption.  

The required electricity is produced by a generator (directly mounted at the truck engine) or directly by the power supply system.  

Construction of refrigerating system:  

  • Outside length approx. 6,500 mm + refrigerating set in front 
  • Outside width approx. 2,600 mm 
  • Outside height approx. 2,800 mm 
  • Folding parting wall between ante and main 

  • refrigerating chamber  
  • 3 tubular tracks 
  • 30 tubular track hooks and 30 extended tubular 

  • track hooks  
  • in front doors for unloading
  • double-winged tailgate
  • lighting 540 lx
Slaughter box:  
  • roof and floor swinging out and telescopic
  • telescopic sidewalls and outriggers connected 

  • with roof and floor creating a closed chamber  
  • behind the slaughter box is the killing box 
  • In the roof part:
  • Skin roll
  • "Scheit" lift (device for stretching the skin on 

  • the tubular track hooks) 
  • Two lifts to hook onto)
  • The telescopic tubular track
  • Built in tubular track scales
  • Lighting 540 lx
  • Hand wash basin for sterilization of knives
  • Shower
  • Air condition
  • High pressure cleaner
  • Suction device for blood and wash water in the floor of the slaughter room with a pipe leading to the 
  • Sewage tank 
  • Warm water processing 
  • Power aggregate 
  • Power circuit box 
  • Water tank 
  • Drying and storeroom for clothes and tools 
  • Boxes of the 20 drawers for the waste 



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