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Nutrition Has to Provide the Body with Order:

In order to better understand the idea of biophotonic research, it is necessary to try to define the internal quality of nutrition.

The question, whether nutrition is merely a provider of calories or whether the internal quality of food is not made up by something else becomes increasingly viable.

If one follows the statements of the Austrian quantum physicist and Nobel prize winner Erwin Schroedinger, nutrition does not only and not even principally provide calories, but message and information. According to him, nutrition is (in simplified terms) the taking-in of order. This would mean: "We have to take in order with our food." Health is nothing more than order in the body.

This would mean in the larger sense of the word that we do not only take in calories with our food, i.e. nourishment and energy but additionally good (desired) or less good or unfavorable information, or order. Thus, cancer occurs when cells receive false information, and consequently divide and reproduce in an undesired form.

Homeopathy lends further proof to the assumption that information, which has an (undesired) effect on the body, can be introduced into the body from the outside. There are potencies (i.e. dilutions), which are so potent that they do not contain any "matter" (molecules) yet they are effective.

this strengthens considerably the position of organic farming as well as of processing and manufacturing food that protects the internal quality of the food.

In any case, different food tests by means of biophotonic measuring have clearly rendered visible the different methods of production.

For more than a decade, a group of biophysicists at the Atomic Institute of the Austrian University in Vienna have done biophotonic research conducted by Prof. Herbert Klima. They have recently produced preliminary studies as was disclosed in a short report by the institute, which suggest that the biophotonic radiation of beef produced by different methods (animal keeping, transport, slaughtering, etc.) is different, and may hence be an indicator for the quality of the meat and the exposure to stress by the animal respectively.

However, in order to obtain scientifically sound results, e.g. by the method and timing of taking samples etc., etc., further research and experiments are required.

Dr. Gerda Krebs is very involved in the protection of animals. To her as well as to many other animal conservationists it is a matter of high concern that one can prove through the results of the biophotonic measuring of the meat that these torturous animal transports are not only bad for the animals but are also detrimental to human beings.

In the course of her endeavors, she has supplied the above-mentioned institute with meat of different origins for measuring. The tests confirmed the disadvantages of the exposure to stress. Her assumption regarding the detrimental effects of stress-ridden meat goes even further: this kind of meat has a negative effect on the human immune system (e.g. greater susceptibility to cancer.)

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